Delegate ADA to Infinite Pool

Delegate ADA to Infinite Pool

We are Cardano! inFi pool supports the decentralized protocol of Cardano.

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BUIDL THE FUTURE OF WEB3 ON CARDANO – From Fractal Fuzion & Cardano Noodz.

Problem statement

Human Knowledge is important and should be backed up on the Cardano Blockchain, there are no decentralized WEB 3 Library solutions. Censorship threatens to stifle the progress of human innovation.

 Solution to the problem

blockchain publication, decentralized education, & the write of human knowledge. We will push the growth & development of censorship resistant education with an open source decentralized web3 library.

Proposed solution

The Alexandria Project (TAP) is an open-source community project working to revolutionize the worlds of blockchain publication, decentralized education, content distribution, archival collections, and other web3 solutions to the fields of art, information, literature, science, and technology.

TAP has an enduring commitment to using blockchain in innovative ways for the preservation & dissemination of knowledge, and to develop platforms and social networks that function as global libraries of content on Cardano. In doing so, TAP seeks to provide both resources and publication opportunities for global publics in ways that helps to promote learning and increased human understanding across generations.

The Alexandria Project offers it’s members unique insight into learning about blockchain technology which helps develop their skills. This type of interaction plays a role in our communities ability to understand technology and gives them relevant skills to compete in a competitive technological environment. TAP also promotes education for all people because of the work we do in immutable censorship-proof educational tools. Governments cannot restrict its people from access to quality education as long as they can access the internet.

We would like to expand the infrastructure to ensure maximum impact-fullness for all people using the Cardano blockchain.

*TAP = The Alexandra Project

inFinite Possibilities seeks to become a leading innovative destination for all things published on Cardano, how to re-think information finances, and ways to keep building towards web3 solutions for decentalized education and the write(s) of human knowledge.


Cardano Noodz – Project Director

Dave is a PhD student in Anthropology and Research Fellow at the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture & Society. Dave has been building on Cardano since 2021, and is currently the ambassador for, a minting platform and NFT Marketplace. He is also a co-founder of inFi stake pool, The Alexandria Project, and a co-host of “This Crazy Kitchen,” a community workshop series for people to learn native assets on Cardano and the basics of computer programming languages.

ThisCrazyLife – Full-Stack Developer & Programmatic Artist

ThisCrazyLife has worked in IT for over 11 years and has been building on Cardano since 2021. Crazy Life is best known for his work on “The Refresh” and is the founder of Fre5sh Music, a music publisher on Cardano. He is a co-founder of The Alexandria Project, and a co-host of “This Crazy Kitchen,” a community workshop series for people to learn native assets on Cardano and the basics of computer programming languages.

adatomsnft – Is a PHD academic who has tirelessly worked in the fields of science and technology. Has created catalog of open source scientific journals on the Cardano blockchain.

Fractal Fuzion @fractalfuzion is a CNFT creator, stake pool operator, Shill-A-mania Champion, Cardano Stonerz club OG, Tokhun premium partner artist, active Cardano community member, catalyst community advisor, 2500 club member

Also have many talented artist friends in the Cardano community who we would rely on for help and creative input.