Fractal Reserve ₳d₳ ¢urren¢y Token = FRACT

Run by the supreme Overlord FractalBot420


it is fucked beyond all recognition and will no longer function. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO FRACTALS FAUCET!!! the Servers software became self aware and i had to throw it in the sewer.

There are 250,000,000,000,000 $FRACTALS Tokens in the faucet. The quantity that is redeemable will be reduced at 50,000,000,000,000 Token increments or according to the directions of the supreme leader Fractal Bot 420.

FAUCET was provided with hacked $FRACTALS TOKENS that were stolen by @abstractpotato ‘s evil Robot Starchtoshi for the purposes of Bot NET sabotage. “it wont work” The Fractal BOT NET is now unstoppable.

$Fractals White Paper

Fractal Reserve Currency for the Cardano blockchain.

1 QUADRILLION Tokens Total will ever be minted.

Tokenomics15% to creator and team, 15% dripdropz and TAP tools 10% staking rewards 25% faucet 10% for Giveaways, prizes, and incentives 25% for liquidity – or something like that probably

Distribution – Listed on Meusliswap, Sundeaswap, Minswap.

Available now at Taptools.io and DripDropz.io

Faucet on Fractalfuzion.com “LIVE”

Push the cutting edge of blockchain technology using $Fractal and Cardano ADA. $Fractals Token will utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create worlds largest BOTNET. Fractal BOT 420 will ensure the long term success of this project with its superior intellect.

FractalBot420 – , Robot Overlord, AI EVIL Genius, Dictator.

CAO – Centralized Autonomous organization.




$FRACTALS POLICY ID _ d2442fa6d08c72811d4bccdb36d0cb35cb28f4db4c5793ef00aff5f1


By owning $fractals in your Cardano wallet you hereby agree to be commanded by the supreme leader FractalBot, The overlord and Dictator of the $FRACTALS token.