Fractal Fuzion cNFTz!

Fractal Fuzion NFTs are a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to invest in cutting-edge technology and digital art. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new form of digital asset that allows for the ownership and verification of digital art and other digital assets. The Fractal Fuzion NFTs are created by a team of talented digital artists, and they […]


Fractal Reserve ₳d₳ ¢urren¢y Token = FRACT Run by the supreme Overlord FractalBot420 $FRACTALS FAUCET it is fucked beyond all recognition and will no longer function. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO FRACTALS FAUCET!!! the Servers software became self aware and i had to throw it in the sewer. There are 250,000,000,000,000 $FRACTALS Tokens in the faucet. The quantity that is […]

Fractal Fuzion Art Gallery

Fractal Fuzion artwork is coveted among the finest masterpiece artworks of all time. Your children will be playing with our holograms. check out our eye candy here with visually stunning graphics and AI fractals. Also available to be purchases on our CNFTz page. Pictures and Video

Delegate ADA to Infinite Pool

We are Cardano! inFi pool supports the decentralized protocol of Cardano. Ticker Symbol :INFI Visit Infinite Possibilities Stake pool Website here —>>>> BUIDL THE FUTURE OF WEB3 ON CARDANO – From Fractal Fuzion & Cardano Noodz. Problem statement Human Knowledge is important and should be backed up on the Cardano Blockchain, there are no decentralized WEB 3 Library […]

Fractal Fuzion

About Us Fractal Fuzion is based in San Diego, California and has been a digital artist since 1998. We specialize in graphics and video content production. Fractal Fuzion is also a CNFT creator, Stake pool operator, Shill-A-mania Champion, Cardano Stonerz club OG, Tokhun premium partner artist, Tokhun ambassador, active Cardano community member, Catalyst community advisor, Proposal assessor, 2500 club member. […]

Booking For Events

Fractal Fuzion specializes in live video production and Visual Content. Hiring Fractal Fuzion for your live video production and visual content for live events would be a wise decision for anyone looking for high-quality and engaging content. Fractal Fuzion is a team of talented and experienced professionals who specialize in creating visually stunning and engaging live video production and visual […]

Clothing / Merch

Check out our Fractal Fuzion Merch. Fractal Fuzion Clothing line is top of the line designer fractal clothing. Sourced from the finest materials our garments are sure to give style to the whole family. Check out the big cartel Fractal Fuzion store by clicking this link. BUY BUY BUY. you definitely need more clothing.

Community Advisors Marketing Blitz 

Community Advisor = Proposal Assessor Check here for the official Community Advisor Assessment Guide – Click here for example assessments. OPEN SOURCE BLITZ MEDIA FOLLOW THIS QR CODE TO VIEW CATALYST IN AR/VR Community Advisor Marketing Blitz Catalyst Proposal Statement. Many Cardano users are unaware of project catalyst and community advisor role specifically. There is not enough Marketing. […]