Fractal Fuzion cNFTz!

FRACTALBOT420 PONZ-I-NOMICS “Banned in 51 countries”A CNFT collection brought to us by the supreme leader FractalBot, the overlord and Dictator of the $FRACTALS token. BUY 1 PONZ-i-NOMICS CNFT @ 6.9 ADA w/ NMKR link or BUY MORE USING PRICE LIST Send one of the specified amounts of ada to this address and you will receive the corresponding amount of FRACTALBOT […]


Fractal Reserve ₳d₳ ¢urren¢y Token = FRACT Run by the supreme Overlord FractalBot420 $FRACTALS FAUCET it is fucked beyond all recognition and will no longer function. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO FRACTALS FAUCET!!! the Servers software became self aware and i had to throw it in the sewer. There are 250,000,000,000,000 $FRACTALS Tokens in the faucet. The quantity that is […]